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Out 'N About

Contrary to popular belief, writers do indeed socialize.

Sometimes, they even go out in public. Sometimes.

Credit: Jenna Cronshaw

Check out Ben's video to meet the masthead and hear me say something really dumb!

We've had a few of our own type of "team building" activities and events, including showing off our terrible acting skills for videography pieces, playing tabletop RPGs, celebrating birthdays at the campus pub, and renovating our old newspaper boxes.

I've been lucky to spend plenty of time with my colleagues at The Nav outside of our regular production days.

Litwick warp.png

Credit: Navigator Student Press

via Facebook


On this day, we learned that we were not meant to be graffiti artists. We did come up with some cool ideas, though (the bikini bottom flowers being mine), which our lovely marketing lady, Claire, brought to life.

Our Arts Editor gifted our Managing Editor, Sean, a pack of Pokemon cards.  He let everyone pick one, so now this is mine.

Although I'm definitely still one of The Nav's "RPG Rookies," I'm glad to say I finally tried it out. 

My RPG character, Father Brown / Illustration by Celia Brand

I support my local literary community, attending launches whenever I can.

Most recently, I attended the launch of GOOEY, a zany online magazine produced by the students of Susan Juby's CREW 402 class.


One of my colleagues noted that GOOEY seems right up my alley, and I have to agree. I'm glad to see VIU creating alternative spaces for writers, and I hope to contribute to this weird little magazine before I graduate.

In early 2020, I heard about the launch of this book from my SWAG class instructor, Vicki Nygaard. I was planning to go to it on my own, but we decided to go to the launch as a class. This was the first time I heard of Rebel Mountain Press, and I was pleased to find out that there are like-minded local book publishers.

Although the bulk of my activism comes in the form of writing, I have attended a few demonstrations and would like to attend more.

JUNE 27, 2020

Pride Parade 2020.JPEG

Credit: Kira Martin

Mutual friends of mine organized a somewhat informal pride parade. We spent the morning decorating our cars, and in the afternoon we cruised around downtown Nanaimo with our speakers tuned in to the group's Pride 2020 playlist. 

JUNE 5, 2020



X Local Nanaimo via Facebook

I attended the Black Lives Matter Solidarity Demonstration at Maffeo Sutton Park. I recognize my privilege in this photo; for many BIPOC protestors, photos of their activism may jeopardize their safety. 


Or, given that I'm a bit of a dramatic entity, performances.

As one of the opening readers for Portal Magazine's Portfolio Reading Series, I read four of my poems.

During the intermission, I got to chat with the featured poet of the evening, Tawahum Bige. He gave me very positive feedback on my queer poem, and we exchanged star signs. 

I also met Robert Hilles, one of my poetry professors, for the first time in person. He shook my hand and told me that he always knew my work was strong, and this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

MARCH 26, 2023

Portfolio Reading


Jack Corfield

I am not surprised that my feet didn't touch the floor.

I volunteered as a student reader for the opening of VIUFA's International Women's Day event.

MARCH 8, 2023


Vancouver Island University via Facebook

I read two of my poems that speak to challenges that queer gals like me are especially prone to facing.

I have participated in VIU's CREATE Conference twice.

(It would have been thrice if not for that bug flying around in 2020.)


In 2021, my project partner and I gave a 10-minute presentation on our research poster for MEDI 265.

In 2022, I performed a 10-minute reading of my long poem from CREW 311.

Is the logo not convincing? Don't worry, I have evidence:

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