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VIU Scholarships & Awards

VIU President's Entrance Scholarship for High School Students


The Big One


I received one of six full tuition scholarships (less ancillary fees); to VIU on the basis of my high school grades. I met the requirement of completing my grade 12 year with an A average of 90% or higher (no mark lower than a B) for each grade 11 and 12 course in the 8 defined academic courses. To renew my scholarship each semester, I have had to maintain a GPA of 3.67 while attending VIU on a full-time basis.

The Non-Fiction One


As a student in non-fiction courses, I received this award for my efforts, integrity, and potential as a writer in the field.

VIU Barry Broadfoot Award


VIU Meadowlarks Award


The Fiction One


As a third-year student, I received one of the two Meadowlarks awards for having produced a body of promising work and demonstrating a genuine dedication to and grasp of the craft of fiction.


The Safety One


As a community support worker, I was required to obtain my Occupational First Aid Level 1 before I could work alone with clients. In this 7-hour course with ABCB, I learned how to deal with obstructive airways and breathing distress, as well as how to control bleeding. I am qualified to perform one-person CPR and minor wound care, and I have completed many reports throughout my work experience.

First Aid Level 1 - NOV 2020.JPG
Parkway Driving Academy

The Driving One


As a community support worker, I was required to obtain my BC Class 4 Unrestricted Commercial Driver's License. I took a two-day driver training program in preparation for my class four road test. Parkway Driving Academy let me use their van for the training and test. I passed, and I am now qualified to drive commercial vehicles seating up to 25 passengers. I can also drive taxis, limousines, and ambulances (should I ever need to).


The 3D One


In real life, this is a plaque on my wall. I received this award for performing an ~amazing~ tenor saxophone solo while suffering from a concussion during my high school band program's Christmas concert. That morning, I had been in a car accident. I knew it would be my last Christmas concert before graduation, and I had no intention of missing it.


The Average One


Upon completing the first semester of my second year,

I earned a 4.17 GPA. This is my highest (so far).

The Ones You Can't Have Pictures Of

(Mainly because they contain personal and/or confidential information)

So far, I have 3 letters from the Dean of VIU informing me that I am on the Dean's List. Since the academic requirements are the same as for the renewal of my entrance scholarship, it's sort of a given. I am guilty as charged for never having visited the list in person. Oops.


—2020, 2021, 2022—



The Ministry of Children and Family Development

said that I am allowed to work with children and youth. Cool.

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